5 Reasons Why Social Media Monitoring Is Essential

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  • 29 june 2016

‘Listening’ to your target audience is important for every company. Social media monitoring helps you locate your target audience, and helps you discover what subjects they find interesting. Using social media monitoring data can help make your social media strategy more effective. In this blogpost I will discuss 5 reasons why social media monitoring is essential to your organization.

1. Tailor-Made Content

To find out what content your target audience is interested in, it’s important to listen to them carefully. With social media monitoring, you can gather this information. When you use social media monitoring data to develop your content strategy, you’ll be able to offer tailor-made content to your target audience, and attract more potential customers. For example, analyzing your data could allow you to be able to post the right content, at the right time, and on the right channel.

2. Industry Insights

Using different social media monitoring tools will help you learn about current trends relevant to your professional field. Besides monitoring the target audience and competition, you can do this by monitoring specific brands. Look at what the trends are, how other brands include them in their strategy, and what your target audience has a positive reaction to. In addition, social media monitoring can also provide insight into the influencers active within your particular professional field.

3. Analyzing Competitors

An important part of monitoring social media is analyzing the competition. Be sure to monitor your competitors’ social media posts, newsletters, and blogs. In addition, you can find out a lot by using social media monitoring to see what your competitors’ customers are saying about their products and service. This information will help you get an idea of what works well, what doesn’t work, and what opportunities there are for your company to improve on.

4. Insights Into Your Own Company

By online monitoring conversation you’ll learn a lot about your own brand or service. Many issues are discussed online, and by using the customers’ reactions to your product or service to your advantage, you can move towards being a more customer-oriented organization. You can also analyze online behaviour of employees. This way you’ll know what employees are saying about the company, and how you can adjust your employer branding accordingly.

5. Improve Customer Relationship

By improving your relationship with the target audience, you’ll keep your existing customers happy while attracting potential new customers. Social media monitoring allows you to respond to your customers’ messages quicker, which will help you build a stronger relationship. In addition, social media monitoring can help you see if there’s any confusion about certain aspects of your products or service, so you can address any potential problems as quick as possible.

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