Social apps

Building an online- or social media campaign, with at the center an application or website, can mean a lot for a brand. Not only in terms of likes and traffic, but also engagement, lead quality, lead generation, and brand experience. Our Creatives and Developers build unique and efficient websites and social apps, for both desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Social apps

Using the right social apps will cause a social media community to grow, and will create more reach and engagement. We develop and create applications that resonate with the target audience’s interests, and make optimal use of the viral nature of social media. Facebook contests and social games are a good example of this. Doing this, we are not tied to any limitations and are able to, for example, make connections with our own systems. We’ve seen many of our clients grow from the use of social apps and contests. Within a short period of time we were able to create far reaching awareness and strong engagement with the brand.


Whether it’s a completely autonomous website, or a platform in support of an online campaign, the web designers of our parent company The Online Group build good quality, responsive websites with the goal to accurately convey the message and to stimulate conversion. We are experienced in the open source CMS of WordPress, which we use to build entirely unique websites based on our own designs.

Responsive Design

The social apps and websites we build are responsive at all times. They effortlessly adjust to tablets and mobiles phones. We make sure a website or application works perfectly on every device.

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