Community management

Community management plays a vital role in online marketing activities. A vibrant and active social media community is very valuable for a brand or organization. To make sure the target audience feels connected to a brand on social media, and stays engaged, our community managers post interesting content and proactively engage in dialogue. This way the brand’s reach increases, and the social media community grows.

Relevant Content

By thoroughly analyzing the community, our community managers know what sparks the target audience’s interest. Using this information, we develop relevant content that really appeals to the target audience. We are able to provide content in the form of text, copy, photo, video, as well as other visual elements. This way we ensure a professional social media presence, while building a relationship with the audience.

Viral Apps

By using viral apps, like a photo contest, a quiz, or any other unique kind of contest, the social community is kept active and invited to engage. We develop in-house social applications, and can monitor and manage the entire contest, from the very beginning until the selecting of a winner. If required, we can also provide a fitting sponsor.

Online Identity

If required, our Community Managers can be involved with the community seven days per week, and personally respond to each comment or question within 24 hours. They encourage interaction by actively asking questions in the social posts, and keep the dialogue going in the comments section. This way, a Community Manager makes sure that the brand is seen as an open and approachable organization.

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