Social media content

After completing the strategy phase we move on to the social media content calendar. At Be Socialized we create social posts and social apps for individual social media channels. Together we look at what type of content works best with the target audience, as well as with the brand’s objective and identity.

Content Calendar

By carefully analyzing the target audience, our Community Managers know exactly what will spark their interest. Using this information, we develop relevant and interactive social posts that appeal to the community. We produce both textual and visual content. Before publishing any content, all social posts are presented in a monthly calendar overview that is presented to the client for approval.

Textual and Visual Social Posts

At Be Socialized we develop both textual and visual social posts. We resourcefully combine copy with visual elements to create content that engages the target audience and stimulates interaction. An important part of building a brand is a distinctive visual style and tone of voice that fit with the brand’s objective and target audience. We apply this style to different types of visual content, like custom designed visuals, photo, video, and infographics.

Social Apps

By using viral apps, like a photo contest, a quiz, or any other unique kind of contest, the social community is kept active and invited to engage. We develop in-house social applications for precisely these purposes. If needed, we also provide the necessary app management tools for monitoring and managing the entire contest, from the very beginning until the selecting of a winner. If required, we can also provide a fitting sponsor.

Managing Social Content

After creating the social posts, it’s time to publish the content on the proper channels and at the right time, and to actively manage the community.

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