Social media strategy

At Be Socialized we are fascinated by the endless possibilities of social media. The digital media are always in motion, and social media channels are therefore constantly changing. Our Social Media Strategists tirelessly research and explore the latest developments, making sure that the target audience is always reached in the most effective way possible. Through online- and social media monitoring, we carefully analyze a brand’s online reputation and develop a social media strategy that’s carefully built around the target audience. This way we increase a brand’s reach, and improve its reputation on social media.

A social media strategy consists of:
• Researching and examining the brand, the objective, the target audience, and the utilization of current tools;
• Describing the social media targets and goals, the required channels, KPI’s, and the necessary resources;
• An outline of the themes, the type of content, the tone of voice, the number of posts or publications per specific time frame, the visual representation, and the consistency between the different media channels;
• Online activation strategy, including the use of social media advertising, influencer marketing, or other creative campaigns;
• An outline of the approach and working methods.


We often see organizations struggling with their social media marketing strategy. During an inspirational session or social media workshop, we look at the needs of the organization, and provide insight into the world of social media. We dive into some of our successful cases, give practical insights, and together work out a fitting social media strategy.

Social media strategy implementation

After developing the social media strategy, it’s time to produce social content. Based on the insights gained during the strategy phase, we then create content that resonates with the target audience, and communicates a call-to-action.

Overarching online strategy development

The Social Media Strategists at Be Socialized develop effective and creative social media strategies. Online marketing offers many different marketing possibilities, social media marketing is only part of it. Be Socialized is part of The Online Group, an online marketing group specializing in multiple online marketing disciplines. Online Strategists at The Online Group develop integrated online strategies, incorporating search engine marketing, content marketing, web- & app-development, and online media purchasing.

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