Social media monitoring

Through online- and social media monitoring we are able to learn useful information on brands, customers, and competitors. This data gives an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of a marketing strategy or campaign. Based on this information we are able to create a clear overview of what a brand or organization can improve on.

Social Media Monitoring

A social media audit prior to, during, or after an online- or social media campaign can supply tremendously valuable information. Our analysts provide clear-cut overviews of what people are saying about a product or service on forums, blogs, and social media channels. We can research competition, a brand’s or organization’s reputation, brand awareness, or market trends. We’re able to constantly monitor the latest online- and social media activity with our social media monitoring tools, and to provide a clear and insightful overview of this information. When selecting the necessary tools, we look at what best fits the needs and wishes of each individual client. By selecting the right tools and online analyses, we make sure that any valuable information is brought to light.

Reputation Management on Social Media

Using the uncovered data and information, we start working on improving a brand’s or organization’s online reputation. In addition, we can improve visibility on online channels by producing relevant content, and improve online findability through search engine marketing.

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