Brand activation

An inspiring, humorous, or unusual campaign is an effective method for online brand activation. By thoroughly researching and examining the target audience and the client’s objective and wishes, we are able to produce unique and creative social activation concepts.

Social Activation Campaigns

Brand activation means getting a brand or product noticed by a target audience in a short period of time. Through unique campaigns that optimally utilize the viral nature of social media, we increase a brand’s reach and engagement. This way, we build towards a community that is committed to the brand or product. A good example of utilizing the virality of social media is the Vita Juicer campaign. We asked food bloggers to write about the product and the accompanying contest, which was to share your favorite juice recipe to win a Vita Juicer. In addition, we used social media advertising to create even more reach.

Viral Applications

A playful and effective method for creating brand awareness is through web- or social applications. A viral social- or web app can quickly put a brand on the map. If required, we can fully take over community management, and monitor the success of the campaign using social media monitoring tools.

The Power of Influencers

Influential bloggers and vloggers with loyal online communities are able to create brand awareness with specific target audiences. Influencer marketing is a highly effective method for reaching a particular target audience. Being a social media marketing agency, we have a vast network of influencers at our disposal, which we can use to create far reaching awareness.

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