Influencer marketing

An effective way of creating brand- or product awareness on social media is through influencer marketing: employing certain influencers with large social media and/or blog communities. These key figures are a regarded as a source of reliable information by their community members, which makes influencer marketing a valuable tool for drawing attention towards a brand or product.

Brand Awareness

With our influencer marketing campaigns, we focus on creating an online buzz and brand awareness. For this we use influencers that appeal to the target audience. Through the social media network of these influencers, using media such as Instagram and YouTube, we are able to create targeted brand awareness with the masses.
By posting an article, message, or video on their online channels, we ensure that the target audience is reached, and that a product or service is being talked about. Combined with an original contest, the target audience is then activated to spread a brand among their friends and followers, thus making use of the viral nature of social media, and making the most of the endeavour.

Creating Content

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool for launching a new product, creating engagement with the target audience, and creating (user-generated) content for a brand. In addition, posts by influentials create more incoming links to a website or to other online channels, which has a positive effect on the search engine ranking.

Managing the Campaign

We will be responsible for the complete campaign management, from developing the campaign strategy and content, to finally analyzing the campaign’s success. We select the right influencers for the target audience, take care of communication, and make sure that brand- or product awareness with the target audience is properly pushed.

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