Social media channels

To reach the target group as effective as possible, it is important that the right social media channels are deployed. To follow is an overview of all channels we deploy for our projects.


Number of Dutch users: 10,4 million
Identity users: 15-80+ years old
Facebook is the most used platform for marketing worldwide. The social media channel offers a lot of opportunities for advertising, where targeting options are many. The Online Group has years of experience with Facebook marketing and we know how to stimulate the dialogue within every community and increase engagement with the brand.


Number of Dutch users: 4,3 million
Identity users: Business related
LinkedIn is a social medium with a business focus. The platform is mainly used to share knowledge and insights. It contains a lot of information, giving us insight into the interests of the target group. LinkedIn works well for employer branding. It is the ideal channel to communicate core values of the organization and lets employees speak their mind. We know how to get brands and organizations in touch with (potential) clients and employees.


Number of Dutch users: 3.2 million
Identity users: Various
Instagram is the ideal social media channel to share visual content and create a style that fits with your brand or organization. We know, through appealing images, use of the right hashtags and the deployment of influencers, how to reach the target group and enlarge the community.


Number of Dutch users: 7.5 million
Identity users: Various
As the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube is the ideal channel to publish videos and reach the target group effectively. Both youngsters and elders use the medium to gather information, get inspired and lost in entertaining video content. YouTube is an interesting platform to create an experience around a brand or organization. Our community managers know how to reach new followers through video marketing and entertain the current share of followers. For the development of YouTube videos, we deploy our content marketers.


Number of Dutch users: 2.6 million
Identity users: Various
Twitter is an open platform, enabling us to acquire a lot of information on a brand or organization through social media monitoring. These last years the number of young people on Twitter has decreased, leaving behind lots of older, loyal users. Twitter is generally popular when it concerns specific industries like sports, politics and the news. The platform is often used to express complaints, making Twitter useful for web care.


Number of Dutch users: 10.9 million
Identity users: Almost everyone that possesses a smartphone
Before, WhatsApp was the social medium to maintain contact with friends, but nowadays the channel is increasingly used for customer service. By being accessible through WhatsApp the threshold for the client to get in touch is minimized. Our social media marketers know the possibilities of WhatsApp as a marketing tool and know about the latest developments.


Number of Dutch users: 1.9 million
Identity users: young people
Snapchat is the ideal tool to create an informal bond with the target group. The platform evolves around real-time reality, speed and interaction. We know how to reach different segments within Snapchat and create the fun and special content a young crowd requires.


Number of Dutch users: 2.4 million
Identity users: mostly females from 20-39 years of age
Pinterest is a visual social platform where people look for inspiration. Many people use the channel to inform themselves on a possible purchase, and are far into the buyer’s journey. We supply inspiring content that drives the target group to the website. Pinterest is a useful platform to share images and realize conversions.

Social media management

After we pick a channel (or channels) with a client, it is important to manage a community by placing content and getting into the conversation with the target group.

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