Sponsored stories, promoted posts en suggested stories Facebook

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  • 07 januari 2013

Naast traditionele advertenties in Facebook zijn er nu 3 andere manieren voor Facebook pages om Facebook gebruikers hun contant te laten zien. Hieronder het door ons samengevatte overzicht in Engels:

1) Sponsored stories
2) Promoted post
3) Suggested stories

What are the main differences in these Facebook ads?

Introducing sponsored stories in Facebook
Now, when you create Facebook ads for your page, Facebook suggests the creation of a sponsored ad.
What are sponsored stories?
Sponsored stories help users to discover the advertised page trough friends who are already fans of the page.
The sponsored story will show up among the other ads along the right side of the page or in the news feed.

Introducing promoted posts in Facebook
Promoted posts allow advertisers to choose any post from their page and to promote it in the news feed of Facebook users among people who already liked the page. Users will find the promoted post in their news feed.

What are Facebook suggested stories?
Suggested stories are a new kind of Facebook ads, which is not available to all the pages yet, and which allow advertisers to create a story in users’ news feed about a post of the advertised page for a user outside of the network, regardless of any connection.
Up to now, all the other kinds of ads were depending on the fact that you liked the page, or one or you friend did. With this new feature, no connection is needed any more.
This feature allows marketers to reach a wider and new audience than with the other ads.

Remember that Facebook advertising must be planned professionally and carefully. It can be very effective, but very risky if done in an unprofessional way, as all the other forms of advertising.



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