Be Socialized speaker at innovation forum at TOC

  • 1 min. leestijd
  • 07 juni 2011

Today Be Socialized gave a presentation at the Terminal Operators Conference (TOC) in Antwerp about the social media opportunities for the maritime industry. A busy conference with lot of interesting people from all around the world.

Did you know that over 100.000 people on LinkedIn worldwide are in ‘maritime industry’ and that about 600.000 people mention ‘supply chain’ in their profile. And even 1.000.000 people on LinkedIn are in ‘logistics’.

Social media is extra useful for this industry because new business can be generated without travelling, every day. And this new business can be generated at a much lower cost. Partly because of saving on traveling costs, but also because marketing can be much more targeted. And ofcourse because there are so many people from this industry on LinkedIn.

Worldwide LinkedIn is the most important business-to-business network, but in some countries there are important other networks. For example in Germany, most business people are on Xing. And more and more Facebook is being used for b-to-b marketing as well.

This and much more was in the presentation of Be Socialized at TOC.



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